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The Monument to Peter the Great ("Bronze Horseman")

The Monument to Peter the Great ("Bronze Horseman")

On the Decembrists square stands the monument of Peter the Great. The more popular title of the monument is the Bronze Horseman, but in Russian it sounded the Copper Horseman. But there is no gram of copper in the statue. The statue is made of bronze and the Copper Horseman got its title in honour of the poem of the same name, written by the Russian poet A.Pushkin.

The monument was projected by E.Falconet. The sculptor tried to depict the first Russian Emperor in the image of the legislator in the first place. The legislators were higher than commanders in the classical tradition. That?s why the main accent was made on the dynamic state of Peter?s figure. The monument depicts the equestrian statue of the tsar, standing on the edge of the rock. The rock was made of the unbroken piece of stone. This stone got the title ? thunder-stone. The whole Europe followed how the stone was carried from the remote village to Petersburg.

It is interesting that the concept of the monument was discussed by the Empress Catherine II, D.Dedirot and Voltaire. According to their idea, the monument symbolized the victory of mind and civilization over nature. The statue means mind and the rock means barbarism. There is also a legend, connected with the monument. Nothing bad is supposed to happen with St.Petersburg while the Bronze Horseman stands at his place.

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