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Our travel agency organizes interesting and unusual excursions in St. Petersburg. We elaborate the route of excursion in according to the wishes of our clients. Excursions in St Petersburg give the tourists the opportunity to see all attractions of the city, visit world-famous museums and learn more about the history of the city and Russia.

We offer our clients different versions of excursions in St. Petersburg. E.g. you can tour of the city with city sightseeing tour. We also offer bus and walking excursions. If you want to see the country residences of the royal family, we will give you a bus that delivers you to the aim of your travel. Our guides speak English or other foreign languages. They prepare each excursion in St Petersburg carefully and make it unique and amazing.

Our company also offers you theme excursions in St. Petersburg. We create such interesting excursions as tour ?The palaces of St. Petersburg?, ?Russian art?, ?Mansions of St. Petersburg? or ?Orthodox cathedrals and churches?. If you want to see the city in a new way you can enjoy unusual excursions e.g. ?The roves of St. Petersburg? or ?Dungeons of Petersburg?, ?The life of F. Dostoevsky? or ?The life and death of A. Pushkin?. We also invite you to row along the rivers and canals of St. Petersburg. Water excursions in St. Petersburg enable you to see the other side of the city.

We also enable the clients to build their own excursions in St Petersburg. You can see the list of the main attractions of Petersburg at our site in the direction ?Attractions and tours in St. Petersburg?. With the help of that list you can choose the places that you want to visit. Our guides take into account your wishes and you find oneself at the ideal excursion.

Excursions in St. Petersburg are an integral part of the travel in the Northern Venice. You can consult our company and get all necessary information about Saint-Petersburg and its suburbs, take part in the amazing excursion and see the places that don?t state in guide-books. You will return home with unforgettable impressions and memories.

St Petersbourg Sightseeing Tour (1 day)
St Petersbourg Sightseeing Tour (1 day)


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