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Olonets is a small provincial town in the Republic Karelia, but it has a long history. The archeological researches gave us the information that there was an ancient settlement of phehistoric man at the place of the modern Olonets. The first record of Olonets is dated to the XII century. In 1649 Olonets got a status of the town.

During the Russian-Swedish wars in the XVI-XVII centuries the town was plundered several times. In 1649 a fortress with 19 towers was created and Olonets became a military, trade and administrative center of Karelia. Peter I ordered to build a shipyard in Olonets in the beginning of the XVIII century and the town became an outpost which purpose was the protection of the borders of Russia. In 1721 the fortress and town lost its importance and changed into only a trade center of the province of Olonets. In the XIX century a political center of the province moved to Petrozavodsk and Olonets turned into a quiet provincial town. In 1912 the population size of the town numbered 2000 of people.

In the XX century Olonets lost its status of the town and only after 1944 it could recover that status. Nowadays the population size of the town numbers 12000 of people and Olonets is a one of the most interesting cities of the Republic Karelia.

The attractions of Olonets

It is interesting that Olonets kept the planning of the XVIII century. The plenty of the wooden bridges of Olonets were kept in its original image. The main attraction of Olonets is a fortress where nowadays the ethnographical museum under the open sky is located. Here one can see different objects of everyday life of peoples of Karelia. Different churches, chapels and temples aroused great interest in tourists. In the town one can see the Church of Our Lady of Smolensk, built in 1828. The other churches are located in the suburbs of Olonets: Assumption church, St. Frol and Lavr?s church, the church of Image of Christ not made by hand in the village Eroyla and the variety of chapels.

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