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W. Churchill once said: ?Russia is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma?. Vast space, remoteness of cities from each other, large distances has formed a unique Russian culture. If you want to see different Russian cities and meet closer with national culture you can go through the country by ship.

Our company organizes river cruises to Russia. Russian river cruises are voyages by motor ships that sail all over the country. The motor ships moor in different cities such as St. Petersburg, Kazan, Astrakhan, Moscow River cruise from St. Petersburg to Moscow gives tourists the opportunity to see 2 main cities of our country. The cruise company Viking River Cruises offers comfortable and amazing round river tours from St. Petersburg to Moscow.

During Russia cruises you will see wonderful attractions and masterpieces of art. St. Petersburg and Moscow are 2 main cities of Russia with different attractions and historical significance. Shore excursions will be conducted by professional guides who will tell you about every attraction. The Red Square, the Hermitage, the Tret?yakovskaya Gallery, the Russian museum and numerous cathedrals and churches wait you in Moscow and Petersburg.

Our company also helps you to book river cruises (Russia) to the other Russian cities. You can go by motor ships along the main waterways of Russia such as the Lena, the Neva, the Enisey and the Volga River cruise to Russia will provide you a great vacation and an unforgettable experience.

Russian river cruise also offers travelers to discover the smaller cities of the country. At every mooring you can go to the city and visit its attractions with shore excursions. You also can have lunch or dinner in restaurants and cafes during the mooring, tour the city by bus or on foot. Vast spaces of Russia give tourist the opportunity to see real Russian nature. In that case the river liner will stop at such called ?green mooring? and you can swim in the river, bathe in the sun, play sport games and enjoy untouched Russian nature.

Our company chooses the most convenient river cruises to Russia for you. We guarantee safe, comfortable and fascinating river cruise that will be stamped in your memory.

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