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The Bolsheokhtinsky (Peter Great) Bridge

The Bolsheokhtinsky (Peter Great) Bridge

The Bridge of Peter the Great or the Bolshokhtinsky Bridge was thrown across the Neva River in the urban district Okhta. At first the idea of the erection of the bridge in the industrial center ? Okhta ? appeared in 1829. But at that time Okhta wasn?t an official part of Petersburg and it had the status of the outskirts of the city.

In 1860-s Okhta was appended to the city. In 1901 a competitive tender of the projects of the bridge was opened. The project of the professor of the Engineering Academy G.Krivoshein and the military engineer V.Apyshkov that was submitted hors concours was admitted. The project suggested creation of the movable span in the center of the Neva River.

The laying of the bridge took place on the 26th of May 1909 ? on the day of the bicentenary of the victory of Russian army over Sweden in the Poltava battle. The bridge was titled in honour of the Emperor Peter I who won the battle. The bridge had 3 aisles: side aisles were made in the form of the metallic arched trusses and length of each side aisle was 136 meters. The central aisle was a movable span and its length was 48 meters. The towers, inside of that turning machinery was hidden, were made in the shape of lighthouses. The cubic lanterns and the semicircular small towers there were on the top of the towers . The gates of the bridge had the form of the portals, made of metal.

The bridge was opened for public in 1911, but the construction works went on till 1913. In 1956 the Bridge of Peter the Great got a new title ? Bolshokhtinsky. In 1990 the original title of the bridge was returned and the renovation of the bridge began. The bridge was opened again in 1997.

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