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Uglich is an old-age city that is a part of the Golden Ring. The city is located on the bank of the Volga River in Yaroslavskaya region. There is no accurate date of foundation of Uglich but it is supposed to have been founded in 937. First record about Uglich is dated to 1148. It is known that in 1218 the city was a centre of Uglichskoye appanage princedom.

In the XIV century the city and the princedom was annexed to Moscow princedom. In the XV century there were created first stone buildings, some of them remains to these days. The prince Dmitry ? the second son of Ivan the Terrible ? lived in exile in Uglich till 1591 when he was killed. In the Interlunation Uglich was ravaged several times by Lithuanians. In the XVIII century the city was a centre of Uglichskaya province. In the XIX century the importance of Uglich fell and the city became a little provincial town. In 1939 there were created Uglichskoye reservoir and hydro power. Nowadays the city is a popular tourist centre with different attractions, telling about the medieval culture of Russia.

The attractions of Uglich

Uglich is one of the old Russian cities that can tell about history of Old-Russia. Uglichsky Kremlin is located in the historical centre of the city. It was created on high bank of the Volga to ensure safety to the city. First wooden fortifications of the Kremlin were constructed in 947 but in the XVIII century they were demolished. Nowadays tourists can see the Prince?s chambers (1482), the church of Dmitry-on-Blood, created in 1692 on the place where the prince was killed, the Transfiguration cathedral (1716) with beautiful frescos, belfry (1730) and the building of Municipal Duma, erected in 1815 in the style of classicism.

Uglich is also known as a city of cloisters. The date of foundation of the cloister of the Resurrection is unknown; supposedly the cloister was created in the XV century. The cathedral of the Resurrection is the centre of cloister. Tourists can admire a severe look of the cloister with its belfry and modest church of Odigitrya. The Epiphany nunnery was founded in the XIV century by the princess Evdokiya ? the wife of the prince Dmitry Donskoy. In the XVIII century there was created a stone temple ? Smolenskay church. In the XIX century cells, fence and Fyodorovskaya church were erected. In 1853 the cathedral of Epiphany was constructed by the project of K.Ton in the Russian-Byzantine style. The Alexeevsky cloister is located on the Fire hill. The cloister was created in 1371 by monk Adrian. The friary protected the city from the attacks of different invaders. In 1534 there was erected the temple in the name of St. Alexey. After the Interlunation the cloister was reconstructed and the church of the Assumption was erected. The church of John the Baptist, constructed in 1681, was also a part of the friary. Nowadays the friary has turned into the nunnery. Not far from Uglich Nicolo-Uleymensky cloister is located. It was founded by the monk Varlaam in the XV century. The complex of the cloister consists of the church of the Presentation of the Holy Virgin in the Temple (1695) with refectory (1563) and the cathedral of St. Nicolas (XVII) with wonderful frescos made in the XIX century.

The variety of the attractions of Uglich amazes tourists. They can see more than 20 churches, several cloisters, a unique ensemble of trade square with rows of stalls (XIX), civil buildings (XVIII-XIX). Visitation of Uglich will become an unforgettable memory about Russian culture.

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