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Upper Mandrogui

Upper Mandrogui

The Upper Mandrogui is a touristic village stylized as a national Russian village. The village was created in 1997 for needs of the touristic groups arriving with motor ships. Before the Second World War at that place there was a real settlement but it was destroyed by fascists. In 1997 the rebirth of the village began.

The title Upper Mandrogui means the Upper Rapids that gave the fame to the Svir River. Nowadays Mandrogui is a touristic centre that is popular not only with foreigners but also with Russian people. The former president of Russia V.Putin also had a good time here.

The idea of national village runs through all Mandrogui. The guests of the village can stop at country estate, at inn, at izba (peasant?s house) or at hotel. Everybody can return to the past and find oneself in the time of the Russian Empire. The guests can feel the essence of the old Russian culture: to wash in bathhouses (black or white), eat national cuisine such as pancakes, caviar, meat, cranberry water and of course drink some Russian vodka. There is museum of Russian vodka in Mandrogui where one can find more than 2800 sorts of 40-percent drink.

People of Mandrogui conduct master-classes and teaches the guests national handicrafts: weave lace or weave ornament with glass beads, ceramics and carving wood. Local residents organized excursions for the guests and lead them to fairy-tale village Lucomorye where one can see the characters of Russian fairy-tales. The fans of active sports can play on football field, lease sports goods, ride a horse, go out boating or sail a yacht, take a part in rally, fire a gun or crossbow, fish or go for a walk. Mandrogui is also known as a nature reserve where one can see mini-zoo and can visit rabbit and quail farms.

The weekend in Mandrogui does for family vacation or for vacation with friends perfectly. Jolly picnics and outdoor fete at national Russian holidays in Mandrogui such as Shrovetide, New Year or Cristmastide will become an unforgettable event in the life of every guest of the village.

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